Classification Hiérarchique avec la méthode d'Analyse de la Vraisemblance des Liens

  • CompoST

    CompoST (Compound Splitting Tool) is designed for recognition and splitting of compound words.
    It can be applied to any language producing compounds. It handles both native and neoclassical compounds.
    CompoST requires a monolingual dictionary, corpus data and (optionally) language-specific rules....

    • Borja Balle's Zulu code

      Borja Balle's program used during Zulu competition (2nd place).

    • Buisman & Radl

      Linda Postniece & Agnes Radl code handling learning in various situations.

    • gitoolbox

      gitoolbox is an open source project of grammatical inference tools developed and maintained by Hasan Ibne Akram and Huang Xiao.

    • GAuGE

      GAuGE is a program that has been proposed during the Gecco competition by Miguel Nicolau, Conor Ryan and Eoin Ryan.
      It deals with learning automata from noisy data by using an evolution-based algorithm.

    • RpniJava

      RPNI algorithm in Java written by Alban Batard

    • RpniStar

      Jean-Christophe Janodet's implementation of RPNI* in OCaml

    • Stamina Baseline

      Baseline proposed during the Stamina Competition.

    • Zulu Baseline

      Simplified version of L* by Dana Angluin written by David Combe.

  • LL_NE

    LL_NE is a named entity recognizer that was developped during the ETAPE campaign (2012) by Mohamed Hatmi.
    The training was made according to training data from ETAPE campaign (Quaero annotation). The target language is french.
    The annotator is based on CRF (Conditional Random Fields)....

  • MeDUSA

    Optimization-based analysis of metabolic networks has allowed to design metabolic engineering strategies aiming at enhancing the production of a target of interest. Here, we present a comprehensive tool for the calculation of a stoichiometric capacitance allowing for increasing the maximum value the production of a given product can take....

  • Pelagia

    parameter inference for pelagia life cycle

  • POGG

    POGG (Probabilities on Genetic Graphs) software allows to determine the transition probabilities of a weighted Markov chain based on some quantitative properties of asymptotic additive or multiplicative costs.
    It has been proven to be very meaningful for studying biological networks....


    A mechanically verified refactoring tool for Compcert C.

  • TermSuite

    (November 2015) TermSuite has migrated to

    See also:

    TermSuite extracts monolingual terminologies and generates bilingual dictionaries from these terminologies by the means of distributional and compositional methods....

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