Latest projects

  • Pelagia (12/8/2016 02:07 pm)

    parameter inference for pelagia life cycle

  • TopoMultiSeq (07/23/2015 03:31 pm)
  • CHAVL (07/10/2015 02:54 pm)

    Classification Hiérarchique avec la méthode d'Analyse de la Vraisemblance des Liens

  • REFACCERT (06/15/2015 05:27 pm)

    A mechanically verified refactoring tool for Compcert C.

  • LL_NE (06/5/2014 03:15 pm)

    LL_NE is a named entity recognizer that was developped during the ETAPE campaign (2012) by Mohamed Hatmi.
    The training was made according to training data from ETAPE campaign (Quaero annotation). The target language is french.
    The annotator is based on CRF (Conditional Random Fields)....